What is Bicep Tendonitis

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What is Bicep tendonitis, and when should we do surgical treatment?

The biceps is a muscle that occupies the anterior arm which rotates the forearm outward (supination). In addition, the product biceps elbow flexion and some elevation of the arm forward. There is only one tendon (distal biceps) that attaches to the elbow (the radial tuberosity). At the shoulder, there are two tabs: the first (short head of biceps) at the coracoid process of the scapula, the second (long head of biceps) within the glenohumeral joint on the upper portion of the labrum.

Inflammation of the bicep may occur in the sheath surrounding the long head of biceps, either within the joint or in the bicipital groove which lies just outside the shoulder joint. This inflammation usually causes pain on the anterior aspect of the shoulder, it can radiate the front of the arm along the biceps muscle. Inflammatory episodes ...

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Tendonitis of the main bicep tendons

About Biceptendonitis

Inflammation of the Bicep Tendons

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